Friday, January 18, 2013

Lance Armstrong: LIAR

Lance Armstrong is a liar.

He wants absolution. If he is to salvage his "good name," he needs absolution.

Enter almighty Oprah.

She gave Armstrong the opportunity to fess up to his sins while he allowed her to reap the ratings that have eluded her.

Here's video.

Is all forgiven?

I didn't watch the televised confession because I don't care.

Years ago, I considered Armstrong an inspirational figure; but the doping allegations tarnished that.

Armstrong was no longer relevant to me. He's not relevant now.

Oprah is not relevant as far as I'm concerned.

I just don't care.

If the post-Bill Clinton era has taught us anything, it's that corruption and lies don't permanently disgrace the rich and famous.

Armstrong is a loser. He should just go away.

BREAKING: Lance Armstrong May Have Lied to Winfrey: Investigators



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