Saturday, January 19, 2013

Manti Te'o

The Manti Te'o story:

I want to know the truth about Benghazi.

The 9/11/12 terrorist attack on our consulate in Libya resulting in the assassination of our ambassador and three other Americans matters.

Obama and his minions lied to us. They engaged in a cover-up. That's important.

Manti Te'o and his hoax girlfriend or whatever doesn't matter to me.

Yes, it's weird. But why this obsession?

It's tabloid stuff.

If Te'o is lying, it makes no difference to me. If he's a gullible idiot, it doesn't matter.

I don't care.


Susan said...

I'm with you, Mary. I just don't care. I do wish, however, that the MSM had pressed Obama about HIS fake girlfriend. But we weren't allowed to go there.

Mary said...

That's right! I forgot about Obama's "composite" girlfriend and his imaginary racial drama. Talk about a hoax!

We're not supposed to care about the president's bizarre lies, but we're supposed to be upset about Te'o. Go figure.