Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Obama: Guns and Executive Orders

I watched Obama's address on GUN CONTROL this morning.

I saw the children there, being exploited as props.

I saw the audience of Obama supporters, applauding his proposals.

Obama had on his serious face.

The stage was set. The performers emoted.

I didn't hear anything that Obama proposed that would have prevented the recent mass shootings.

I did hear a load of hypocrisy. Obama wants to fund "resource officers" in schools. He wants more police on the streets.

In other words, he believes ARMED protection is important in ensuring the safety of Americans.

The way to limit "gun violence" is with more guns. OK.

It bothered me that Obama kept exploiting the horrific Newton shootings. The fact is no background check would have stopped what Adam Lanza did. He stole the guns he used from his mother. He murdered her. HE BROKE THE LAW. No ruling from King Obama, no law passed by Congress, can stop people from disregarding them if they choose.

I wish it were possible to keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill and evil individuals. I don't think it is. Those wishing to do harm to others can accomplish their goal.

What I found most disturbing about Obama's dance was his politicization of the problem.

Blaming Congress (aka Republicans) and talk radio and the NRA for gun violence in America is shameful. Blame the killers, Obama.

Obama kept yapping about protecting our children. This from the most radical pro-abortion president in our nation's history.

Respect life? Obama has two faces.

Obama blathered on and on about our "rights." He's the alleged defender of the 2nd Amendment and our inalienable rights.


Obama declared war on Catholics and stripped us of our religious liberty. Are we really supposed to buy that this imperial president is defending our freedom?

Obama's penchant for executive rulings, his bypassing of Congress and refusing to be bound by our Constitution's checks and balances, is beyond troubling.

Bottom line: Those people bent on murdering others are going to do it. Obama's "executive actions" won't impact them.

I didn't hear Obama address the real problem - the breakdown of the family and the lack of sound moral values in our society. I didn't hear Obama talk about right and wrong, good and bad, in terms of people's behavior. Yes, he spoke of getting the CDC to "study" the effects of violent video games on people; but that's a waste. That's nothing but window dressing.

It's time to address the reality that our country is no longer grounded in moral values.

Until Obama and his cohorts admit that the fault lies in the actions of twisted individuals rather than inanimate objects, nothing will change.


jimspice said...

"Those people bent on murdering others are going to do it."

So why don't they do it at nearly the rate (or at all) in peer countries with more restrictive gun policy as they do here?

Harvey Finkelstein said...

Take a look at Chicago in our own country. Jeez.

Sad thing is that the political powers don't care about the killing as long as it stays contained in the poor neighborhoods.

This isn't about saving lives, it's about a political agenda. Otherwise Chicago would be a different place. It shouldn't take thousands of people killed with firearms to get the attention of Chicago's politicians before something is done.

We are becoming a nation of dupes.