Saturday, January 26, 2013

SNL: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Obama (Video)

Saturday Night Live's cold open was a little weird.

It was Inauguration night, the festivities over, and Obama (Jay Pharoah) was sitting alone in the White House having a beer.

Then, the ghost of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Kenan Thompson) appeared.

Obama wanted to talk about weighty matters. King was more interested in talking about Beyonce. He was yapping about Michelle's bangs. This was not King, the great moral leader. This was King the buffoon.

Funny or inappropriate?

I'm not allowed to judge. I'm white and politically conservative. If I comment, I'll be called a racist.

I do think it's funny that the SNL Leftists are more comfortable mocking Martin Luther King than Obama.


Here's video.

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