Monday, January 28, 2013

Wisconsin School Choice Week

This is National School Choice Week.

The Heritage Foundation offers some interesting facts about the benefits of school choice.

School choice is something to celebrate, because it gives families the power to choose the best schools for their children—helping children to improve educational outcomes and increasing overall parental satisfaction.
School Choice Students Graduate at Higher Rates

School Choice Means Academic Gains

Parents Are More Satisfied with their Child’s Academic Experience
Gov. Scott Walker issued a proclamation declaring Wisconsin School Choice Week.
Ushering in a week of events supporting school choice across the country, Gov. Scott Walker has signed a proclamation officially recognizing this last week in January "Wisconsin School Choice Week," according to a news release.

School choice advocates support giving parents more choices over where to send their children to school. Most support expanding educational options beyond the traditional public school system, such as by allowing children to use taxpayer-funded vouchers to attend private, including religious, schools, or by encouraging public charter schools that operate with more independence from districts.

This third annual National School Choice Week has been heavily promoted, and thousands of events across the country have been planned.

The festivities coincide with the start of a new legislative session in Wisconsin where voucher schools are expected to be a hotly debated educational issue. Lawmakers could be deciding whether to increase funding for voucher schools, whether to expand vouchers to more cities in Wisconsin, or how to better regulate their quality.

The organizers of National School Choice Week have put together a "whistle-stop train tour" to cities across the country that will feature a breakfast and rally in Milwaukee at the Grain Exchange on Wednesday morning.
Rachel Sheffield sums up school choice very well:
Education comes in many forms—from private school choice to online learning, to charter schools and public schools and home schooling. Parents should be empowered to give their children the education that best meets their child’s unique learning needs. School choice makes this possible by giving families from every background the ability to set the course for the brightest educational future for their children.
The Leftists, with Obama leading the charge, are waging war on school CHOICE.

That's no surprise, given the Democrat/union cabal; but that makes it no less disgraceful.

Children are suffering because of the quest for power. It's utterly selfish.

SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, school choice opponents.

Not coincidentally, National School Choice Week coincides with Catholic Schools Week, an annual event since 1974.

Giving our children the best education possible is a common goal among conservatives and liberals, right?

It should be, but it isn't. Actions speak louder than words.

However, the rabid opposition by Leftists to school CHOICE certainly reveals that what's best for the children is trumped by what's best for the unions and the Democrats.

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jimspice said...

I love that you guys love the word "choice" when it applies to schools. The reason we oppose unfettered voucher programs is that we see what for-profit schools have done to college level education (and the associated shambles it has made of student loans) and don't want to see that mistake made at the primary level.