Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Letterman: Pope Benedict Achievements Top Ten

In one of his trademark Top Ten lists, David Letterman mocked Pope Benedict XVI's achievements.

Each item was accompanied by an insulting image or bit of video.


10. Invented the vibrating desk

9. Designs new summer line of papal vestments

8. Announces Vatican's two-for-one lobster Tuesdays

7. Invents rechargeable pope hat

6. Departs St. Peter's Square via jetpack

5. Makes historic trip to Mexico (Places a sombrero on a cardinal's head)

4. Serves as judge on "Vatican City's Got Talent"

3. Releases best-selling iPad app, "Angry Popes"

2. Host of his own game show

1. Performs first miracle: Turning bread into toast

"Turning bread into toast"? Letterman is mocking the consecration during the Mass, bread becoming the Body of Christ.

Not funny.

Here's video.

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