Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Leno: 'Where is Benedict Pope Emeritus Today?'

Jay Leno enjoys bashing the Catholic Church.

Since Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation, Leno has taken jabs at him in his monologue. His slams have gone beyond jokes. During an interview with Bill O'Reilly, Leno expressed some bizarre conspiracy theories about Pope Benedict's decision to step aside. Very offensive.

The mocking continues. On Monday in his monologue, Leno introduced a new segment, "Where is Benedict Pope Emeritus Today?"

Leno did a similar segment when President George W. Bush left office, "What's George Bush Doing Today?"

Of course, they were all goofy and insulting things. Leno did the segment at least SIX times.

So, I fear Pope Benedict will receive the same treatment, extended ridicule.

Here's video from Leno's monologue Monday night. The bit starts at 2:23.

It began with this:

JAY LENO: It's now been a week since Benedict Pope Emeritus has entered civilian life on his own, which leads us to a new segment we call 'Where is Benedict Pope Emeritus Today?'

Then, Leno showed a clip of a man in a red hat riding a Hoveround-type scooter, having difficulty trying to make it up some shallow steps.

The audience laughed and Leno applauded the alleged Pope Benedict's "civilian" activity.

I see nothing funny about it. It's degrading to Pope Benedict, degrading to the elderly, and degrading to any individual requiring that sort of vehicle.

Furthermore, Pope Benedict is not a "civilian."

I suspect Leno will do a series of these disrespectful bits, mocking the previous leader of more than one billion Catholics.

It's not OK.

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