Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bill Ayers - Wisconsin Book Festival, Madison

UPDATE: Madison cancels meet and greet with domestic terrorist Ayers

Like a Taliban speed dating luncheon, a scheduled meet-and-greet in Madison for domestic terrorist Bill Ayers has been cancelled due to lack of demand.

A staffer at the Madison Public Library Foundation, which had scheduled the event, told Wisconsin Reporter they “didn’t have the kind of interest” they thought they’d get, so they nixed the hour long event.

...Fans of Ayers or pathology can still come out and see the co-founder of the Weather Underground, a group of communist revolutionaries that bombed the New York City Police Headquarters, the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon in the 1970s in protest of the Vietnam War.

He will speak at 7 p.m. Thursday night at the Overture Center in downtown Madison to plug his new book “Public Enemy.” That speech is free and open to the public.

Bill Ayers, unrepentant terrorist, is coming back to Wisconsin, this time to hawk his new book, Public Enemy: Confessions of an American Dissident.

Look at him proudly standing on the American flag:

Ayers was in Milwaukee on October 15, 2010. He was the keynote speaker at the 25th anniversary bash of Rethinking Schools. Marquette University, Alverno College, and Mount Mary University were official sponsors of the event.

These Catholic institutions didn't hesitate to embrace the terrorist.

Among the "respected reformer" Ayers' accomplishments is being a founding member of the radical, violent Leftist group the Weathermen, later called the Weather Underground Organization.

Terrorist Bill Ayers does not apologize for his efforts to overthrow the U.S. government via violent means. However, he does regret he didn't cause more destruction and damage to the country.

Ayers, allegedly an expert on educating our children, was an author of Prairie Fire.

The manifesto states:

We are a guerrilla organization. We are communist women and men, underground in the United States for more than four years. We are deeply affected by the historic events of our time in the struggle against U.S. imperialism.

Our intention is to disrupt the empire, to incapacitate it, to put pressure on the cracks, to make it hard to carry out its bloody functioning against the people of the world, to join the world struggle, to attack from the inside.

There's more: The distinguished Ayers is an admirer of Sirhan Sirhan, Bobby Kennedy's assassin.
The following snippet is taken from the book's dedication page, and shows that the Weather Underground dedicated the book to Robert F. Kennedy's killer Sirhan Sirhan, among many other now-obscure '60s-era radicals, criminals and revolutionaries:

Here's the two-page spread of the dedication page and copyright page in high-resolution, showing the full list of people to whom the book is dedicated:


The Weather Underground manifesto is dedicated to Bobby Kennedy's assassin.

"To All Who Continue to Fight and To All Political Prisoners in the U.S."

Ayers and his fellow radicals equate Sirhan Sirhan with Harriet Tubman in their dedication!

Here's a few of the Weather Undergound's activities, Ayers' resume:

7 October 1969 – Bombing of Haymarket Police Statue in Chicago, apparently as a “kickoff” for the “Days of Rage” riots in the city October 8-11, 1969. The Weathermen later claim credit for the bombing in their book, “Prairie Fire.”

8 October-11, 1969 – The “Days of Rage” riots occur in Chicago in which 287 Weatherman members from throughout the country were arrested and a large amount of property damage was done.

6 December 1969 – Bombing of several Chicago Police cars parked in a precinct parking lot at 3600 North Halsted Street, Chicago. The WUO stated in their book “Prairie Fire” that they had did the explosion.

27 December-31, 1969 – Weathermen hold a “War Council” meeting in Flint, MI, where they finalize their plans to submerge into an underground status from which they plan to commit strategic acts of sabotage against the government. Thereafter they are called the “Weather Underground Organization” (WUO).

13 February 1970 - Bombing of several police vehicles of the Berkeley, California, Police Department .

16 February 1970 – Bombing of Golden Gate Park branch of the San Francisco Police Department, killing one officer and injuring a number of other policemen.

6 March 1970 – Bombing in the 13th Police District of the Detroit, Michigan. 34 sticks of dynamite are discovered. During February and early March, 1970, members of the WUO, led by Bill Ayers, are reported to be in Detroit, during that period, for the purpose of bombing a police facility.

6 March 1970 – “bomb factory” located in New York’s Greenwich Village accidentally explodes. WUO members die . The bomb was intended to be planted at a non-commissioned officer’s dance at Fort Dix, New Jersey. The bomb was packed with nails TO INFILICT MAXIMUM CASUALTIES UPON DETONATION.

30 March 1970 – Chicago Police discover a WUO “bomb factory” on Chicago’s north side. A subsequent discovery of a WUO “weapons cache” in a south side Chicago apartment several days later ends WUO activity in the city.

10 May 1970 – Bombing of The National Guard Association building in Washington, D.C..

21 May 1970 – The WUO under Bernardine Dohrn’s name releases its “Declaration of a State of War” communique.

6 June 1970 – The WUO sends a letter claiming credit for bombing of the San Francisco Hall of Justice; however, no explosion actually took place. Months later, workmen in this building located an unexploded device which had apparently been dormant for some time.

9 June 1970 - Bombing of The New York City Police Headquarters .

27 July 1970 - Bombing of The Presidio army base in San Francisco. [NYT, 7/27/70]

12 September 1970 – The WUO helps Dr. Timothy Leary, break out and escape from the California Men’s Colony prison.

8 October 1970 - Bombing of Marin County courthouse. [NYT, 8/10/70]

10 October 1970 - Bombing of Queens traffic-court building . [NYT, 10/10/70, p. 12]

14 October 1970 - Bombing of The Harvard Center for International Affairs [NYT, 10/14/70, p. 30]

1 March 1971 - Bombing of The United States Capitol . “ [NYT, 3/2/71]

April, 1971 – abandoned WUO “bomb factory” discovered in San Francisco, California.

29 August, 1971 - Bombing of the Office of California Prisons . [LAT, 8/29/71]

17 September 1971 - Bombing of The New York Department of Corrections in Albany, NY [NYT, 9/18/71]

15 October 1971 - Bombing of William Bundy’s office in the MIT research center. [NYT, 10/16/71]

19 May 1972 - Bombing of The Pentagon . [NYT, 5/19/72]

18 May 1973 - Bombing of the 103rd Police Precinct in New York

28 September 1973 - Bombing of ITT headquarters in New York and Rome, Italy . [NYT, 9/28/73]

6 March 1974 - Bombing of the Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare offices in San Francisco

31 May 1974 - Bombing of The Office of the California Attorney General.

17 June 1974 - Bombing of Gulf Oil’s Pittsburgh headquarters .

11 September 1974 – Bombing of Anaconda Corporation (part of the Rockefeller Corporation).

29 January 1975 - Bombing of the State Department in (AP. “State Department Rattled by Blast,” The Daily Times-News, January 29 1975, p.1)

16 June 1975 - Bombing of Banco de Ponce (a Puerto Rican bank) in New York .

September, 1975 – Bombing of the Kennecott Corporation.

October 20, 1981 - Brinks robbery in which several members of the Weather Underground stole over $1 million from a Brinks armored car near Nyack, New York. The robbers murdered 2 police officers and 1 Brinks guard. Several others were wounded.

1981 “Guilty as hell. Free as a bird. America is a great country,” Ayers said when interviewed by David Horowitz.

September 11, 2001 “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.” Ayers is quoted in NYT article
Ayers has never apologized for any of this.

This "respected reformer" will be in Madison today, the keynote speaker at the Wisconsin Book Festival.

David Blaska, Right Wisconsin, writes:

Ayers is flogging his book, aptly titled "Public Enemy, Confessions of an American Dissident," Thursday at 5:30 in the Madison Room of the Downtown Public Library. But you have to pay $25 for the privilege, which also gets you a place for his 7 p.m. keynote speech at the Capitol Theater in the Overture Center.

...Here is how the Madison Book Festival is publicizing this criminal: "In the face of defamation by conservative media, including a multimillion-dollar campaign aimed solely at demonizing Ayers, and in spite of frequent death threats, Bill and Bernardine stay true to their core beliefs in the power of protest, demonstration, and deep commitment. Ayers reveals how he has navigated the challenges and triumphs of this public life with steadfastness and a dash of good humor—from the red carpet at the Oscars, to prison vigils and airports."

The Ayers pick is the work of new Book Festival Event coordinator Conor Patrick Moran, who was named to the job earlier this year by Madison Public Library director Greg Mickells. The library sponsors the book festival.

According to its website, "Library organizers envision a [book] festival that incorporates literature, spoken word, art, and performance, and in which local literary artists mix with nationally-acclaimed authors to create a unique event full of free community programs in keeping with Madison Public Library's mission to celebrate ideas, promote creativity, connect people and enrich lives."
Absolutely nauseating.

Here's a spoiler for those attending the Wisconsin Book Festival and waiting with bated breath to hear Ayers speak.

From FOX News:
Bill Ayers, who helped lead the Weather Underground as it waged a bloody war against the U.S. government in the 1960s, then went on to a career in academia, recently urged those attending his book promotion to be "good citizens" and "moral people."

...Ayers said his new book is ultimately about “teaching and parenting” and living a life that “doesn’t make a mockery of your values.” He urged his audience to “try to be good citizens, try to be moral people,” according to The College Fix.
I don't know who is more screwed up, Ayers or his admirers.

John Murtagh has an interesting take on Ayers and his be "good citizens" and "moral people" crap.

[Bill Ayers'] comments were cruelly ironic to John Murtagh, who as a 9-year-old boy saw his family targeted because his father was presiding over the trial of members of the Black Panther Party. Murtagh blames the Weather Underground for setting three gasoline-filled firebombs outside his boyhood home while the family slept.

The bombs managed to only damage the car and destroy a snowman the little boy had built a few days earlier, but Murtagh, now an attorney, said the Weather Underground’s intentions were to kill, whether they succeeded or not.

“Bill Ayers just never quits,” Murtagh, now a successful attorney, told “He clearly has skewed the view of morality. There’s nothing wrong with being politically active. To try to change the culture and make society better. It’s another to set out and try to kill people.”

Murtagh adds that Ayers has been living in a state of denial for decades about the actions of the Weather Underground.

“For him to go on for 40 years with a straight face that they were only looking to cause property damage is false. The fact of the matter is they tried to hurt people. They did not like what my father stood for. They didn’t like what he tried to do, so they sought out to kill a 9-year-old boy and his family.”
It's sick that Ayers is profiting from his status as an "American dissident."

He's a terrorist and proud of it.

There's nothing good or moral about that.