Thursday, October 17, 2013

Countdown to Government Shutdown

It's coming. It's on the horizon. Another government shutdown is looming.

So, who won? Who blinked?

The New York Times, naturally, cites the Republicans as the blinking ones.

Congressional Republican leaders conceded defeat Wednesday in their budget fight with President Obama over the new health care law, agreeing to support a reopening of the government and a lifting of the nation’s borrowing authority in exchange for future budget negotiations.

Speaker John A. Boehner, the leader of conservative House Republicans whose push to strip money for the health law led to the shuttering of much of the government on Oct. 1, said that the House would not block a bipartisan agreement reached in the Senate that yielded virtually no concessions to the Republicans.
Bias? What bias?

Pathetic, but completely predictable.

Pundits are having a field day yapping about the game, declaring winners and losers, analyzing and dissecting.

Blah, blah, blah.

I'm so fed up with the "us and them" crap.

I'm fed up with a president so cold and cruel that he signed off on punishing World War II vets and the survivors of our troops killed in action.

The audacity is stunning.

I'm fed up with a president so arrogant that he wouldn't give an inch, he wouldn't negotiate in good faith for the good of the country, even though the PEOPLE put Republicans in charge of the House of Representatives.

Elections have consequences, right?

In our arrogant president's view, his election was the only one that matters.

What BS!

We have three branches of government for a reason.

Debate the strategies both sides employed in the very partial shutdown. Agree, disagree, praise, trash, whatever.

The fact is all parties are responsible for the circus. Obama was not a hostage. Let's be clear about that. Let's also be clear that there can't be progress without discussion, something Obama completely shut down.

Will Obama choose a different, less tyrannical strategy when the next deadline comes around?

I doubt it. I can't imagine him acting like a statesman worthy of the respect of the nation and the world.