Thursday, October 17, 2013

Graeme Zielinski: Third OWI Pleaded Down to First

I'm really not familiar with how these OWI things work.

Is it routine for a third OWI charge to be pleaded down to a first? Is that typical? Would someone without Leftist political connections receive that treatment?

Graeme Zielinski, former spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, crazed Tweeter, blasted out of his mind operator of a motor vehicle, and court date ignorer, managed to do it.

RightWisconsin has the story:

[Graeme Zielinski is] basically skating on his latest incident and will serve no jail time, thanks to the decisions of the Democratic District Attorney's office in Jefferson County.

What happened?

Well his first arrest for drunk driving technically occurred outside the time frame that the state statute allows to be included as a third.

But then he should have at least been facing OWI-Second Offense, you may be thinking.

This is where it gets, well, interesting.

His second drunk driving arrest occurred 1999 in the state of Virginia. That one still counts according to Wisconsin statutes. However, records of that arrest reportedly could not be located by Virginia officials according to the Jefferson County District Attorney's office.

In light of that, his arrest in Jefferson County has been plead down to an OWI-First Offense, which in Wisconsin results in a ticket and court-mandated counseling.

Moreover, the lane deviation and unregistered vehicle charges Zielinski was facing were also dropped by the Jefferson County District Attorney's office.
Susan Happ is the Jefferson County DA. She's a Democrat. Surprised?

RightWisconsin poses a question and offers a suggestion:

The Jefferson County District Attorney is Democrat Susan Happ. Her phone number is (920)674-7220.

Why were the non OWI charges dropped?

Let us know what she tells you.
Why was Zielinski not held accountable?

It seems like a Dem thing to me. Happ granted Zielinski a favor.

That's the only possible explanation. Very slimy.



Former Wisconsin Democrat Official Dodges Jail for Drunk Driving