Friday, October 18, 2013

Dennis Miller: Washington Chaos, Bill Ayers, Joe Biden

Dennis Miller is ticked off, but funny.

Appearing with Bill O'Reilly, Miller calls Bill Ayers "a waste of a dust jacket." He calls him "a ponytail in search of a man."

Miller mocks Joe Biden.

DENNIS MILLER: Plugs Mackenzie -- they get him out of town so he can't talk when it hits the fan. They've got him up at Camp David. He's running around all day in a loincloth going up to people and saying, 'Hey, are you David? Thanks for having me. Are you David? Thanks for having me.'
Miller is disgusted with Washington. He wants to be left alone. He says, "I want to put the hood on these people like falcons so I can get some sleep."

O'Reilly asks Miller, "If you had an opportunity to have dinner with either the president or the vice president, who would you go with?"

O'Reilly presses him to select one.

Millers replies, "I can not eat... I could care less about those people. I don't find them noble men... You have dinner with them... Leave me alone. I don't want to... The brightest thing I do on a daily basis is avoid creeps at dinner."

Watch here.