Monday, October 21, 2013

Obama Speech and Fainting Woman (Video)

Today in the Rose Garden, Obama held an event to prop up his utterly disastrous ObamaCare rollout. Good grief, the Titanic had a better rollout! Unlike ObamaCare, that doomed ship sailed successfully for a while. The navigators did manage to keep it afloat in the beginning. Not so with ObamaCare.

This was the first time Obama talked to the nation about the mess.

He was supposed to get tough as he addressed the "glitches" plaguing the launch of government health care Obama-style. He didn't.

All Obama did was deliver a mealy-mouthed load while flanked by alleged ObamaCare success stories and supporters.

As he was speaking, Obama paused to comment on an ill person behind him, caught by the cameras. He had no choice but to acknowledge the situation.

It's nothing new for Obama to diagnose the health of an individual.

Here's an example that took place six years ago in Madison on October 17th.

More instances of Dr. Obama tending to the sick here.

What was very unfortunate about today's incident was that Dr. Obama determined the ill woman's status during his speech about the ObamaCare Hindenburg. (Again, not a good analogy because the Hindenburg got off the ground.)

From the Weekly Standard:

She looked like she was about to faint, as President Obama turned around in the middle of his remarks and told her to go take a seat. She left the back podium, and Obama joked, "This happens when I talk too long. You'll be okay. Why don't you go sit down? Come on. Good catch."
Dr. Obama assumed the woman would be OK. Did he KNOW? No.

He didn't have a clue what her condition was.

Obama is so arrogant, yet he's so buffoonish.

An arrogant buffoon is a dangerous mix.

About the ObamaCare rollout, Obama claimed, "There's no sugar-coating it," "And I think it's fair to say that nobody's more frustrated by that than I am."


It's not FAIR to say that "nobody's more frustrated" by the ObamaCare catastrophic fail than he is. Good Lord, that is SO WRONG! It's so selfish.

Obama is delusional. His inflated sense of self is an embarrassment. However, we know his mindset. I expect him not to take responsibility for his crash and burn failures.

So, I'm not ticked off with him and his arrogance. I'm ticked off at the people responsible for giving Obama a second term.

Inexcusable, on so many counts.