Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ben Duddles Calls Police, Woman Snoring (Audio)

Once again, Wisconsin is in the national spotlight. Once again, it's a rather weird story that brings attention to our state.

This time, we have Ben Duddles, a Waukesha man, to thank.

Ben Duddles and TMJ4 reporter Annie Scholz

From 620 WTMJ:

A man from Waukesha called police on Nov. 10 after a woman in his bed was snoring too loudly.

According to the Waukesha Police, the man made the phone call to police just before 4:30 a.m. saying he wasn't sure how the woman got into his bed and he'd like her removed from his apartment. He was apparently "extremely intoxicated" and changed his story, saying he let her in and she fell asleep in his bed and is now "snoring like a train and he wants her out."

He again changed his story, saying he had invited the woman over, had some drinks and then she fell asleep. When he decided to go to bed, he couldn't wake her up so he called police.

"She was woken up and found to be fine medically, just has sleep apnea," Waukesha Police said. "He was advised this was not a police matter because he allowed her in."
Here's the call Duddles made to Waukesha police:

The Smoking Gun has the police report here.

I really don't find these goofy calls amusing.

People have real emergencies and are in life and death situations, when every second counts.

Duddles chose to drink himself senseless and then wanted help from police because the woman in his bed, a person he couldn't even name, was "snoring like a train."

What a waste of police resources and taxpayer dollars!


Video from TMJ4, Annie Scholz talks with Duddles.