Monday, January 20, 2014

Graeme Zielinski and MLK

See, this really bugs me.

How does Wisconsin Democrat Graeme Zielinski, disgraced former spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, recognize Martin Luther King Day?

He behaves thoroughly disrespectfully. He casts ugly slurs.

Do you think Dr. King would ever make a public statement that included "racist prick"?

That's not how he won the hearts and minds of Americans and people around the world.

This is truly disgusting.

Suggesting that Charlie Sykes and Vicki McKenna celebrate MLK Day by "not openly calling him a n*****" is just disgraceful. It's slanderous.

Engaging in such verbal violence is no way to honor Dr. King.

What is wrong with Zielinski? His being overflows with hatred. He's a mess. I feel sorry him. The guy clearly has problems, clinical, serious problems.

DEMOCRAT Zielinski and those of his ilk have a lot to learn from Dr. King.