Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mike Dawson - Cyberbully - Failure

I expect this to be the last installment in my series of posts on cyberbullying, highlighting Mike Dawson and his Internet exploits.

Read previous posts on Mike Dawson's horrendous online behavior here and here and here.

I will post updates if necessary. Hopefully, that won't be the case. It appears that Mike Dawson has decided it's time to curtail his cyberbullying habit. I haven't received any emails or blog comments from cyberbully Mike Dawson since Sunday, May 11, 2014.

However, I find it difficult to believe that Mike Dawson has ended spewing his hate toward conservatives. Harassing and bullying me has been Mike Dawson's daily habit for YEARS. He didn't even take Christmas off. The man was absolutely relentless. I can't imagine he would have the capacity or the desire to completely stop bullying conservatives.

It was amazing to me that anyone would devote so many hours to attacking the author of a little blog. It was also frightening. I rightly question the man's mental stability.

No happy, healthy, normal person would send THOUSANDS of hate-filled rants to another person he has never met.

Indeed, cyberbullying is a bizarre, creepy exercise.

This is important: Mike Dawson is an old man. He's not a goofy kid making terrible choices by making a fool of himself online, with no fear of consequences. Mike Dawson, in terms of his chronological age, is an adult.

Here's what Mike Dawson left as a comment on my blog in August 2013:

On Sunday, August 25, 2013 6:58 AM, Try baking soda wrote:

Try baking soda has left a new comment on your post "Skunks in Southeastern Wisconsin":

"What do skunks have to complain about?" You.

Likely the skunks are complaining of the stench emitting from whatever location you are at: home, neighborhood, or office. There is no way someone with the vile, angry, offensive arguments you possess and have expressed would not also project a foul odor. Here's a clue: when you walk into a meeting room, do people NOT avoid being near you? Do people not disperse - flee? You know they do. Used to be such actions were subtle. Not now. Not since Mr. Obama won the Presidency in 2008. The prospect of such a humiliating defeat caused you to increase the volume of spew and hateful rants which have alienated virtually everyone (except other racists).

Being the racist punk that you are (which is really a combination of attributes associated with pricks and bitches) there is no way you could avoid the smoldering fragrance. You're evil. One does not have the volume and consistency of negative thought as you do and NOT have a problem with "smell". Get professional help.

Mike Dawson went online to call me a "racist punk," to say that I possessed a "combination of attributes associated with pricks and bitches."

Remember, these remarks about me having a smell that would offend skunks were made by an old man, not a child.

Should we talk about civility, raising the level of discourse?

That conversation, unfortunately, is useless when it comes to some individuals.

The bottom line: Some Leftists are utter hypocrites. Some Leftists, the allegedly pacifist, caring, tolerant Leftists, have a disturbingly, no, SHOCKINGLY ugly habit of attacking their opposition with an intensity that borders on sociopathic.

The bottom, bottom line: Mike Dawson's cyberbullying failed.

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