Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bob Donovan - Milwaukee Mayor

Bob Donovan wants Tom Barrett's job. He's running for mayor of Milwaukee.

From FOX6 News:

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan confirmed with FOX6 News that he intends to announce he is running for the office of mayor in the city in 2016. Donovan told FOX6’s Mike Lowe he intends to do television interviews after his announcement is official on Tuesday evening, July 29th.

Donovan is the alderman for Milwaukee’s 8th District, the vice chair of the Common Council’s Public Safety Committee, the chair of the Anti-Graffiti Policy Committee and a member of the Judiciary and Legislation Committee. The biography on Donovan’s Common Council page says he was born and raised on Milwaukee’s south side, he’s a graduate of Thomas More High School and attended St. Francis De Sales College and UW-Milwaukee.
Milwaukee residents desperately need a change in leadership when it comes to the mayor's office.

Actually, Milwaukee residents desperately need a leader. They've done without one for a decade, and it shows.

Tom Barrett has been a terrible mayor, absolutely terrible.

On his watch, the city has declined dramatically.

Reelecting Barrett would be crazy.

It's definitely time for change.

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