Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ed Flynn - A Different Man

Have you heard the audio of the discussion that took place last Friday between Charlie Sykes and Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn?

I think it's the clearest indication yet that Ed Flynn has a political agenda. He's a political figure now. He's on Tom Barrett's team, spewing Leftist drivel.

It could be that Flynn is spending too much time reading the Penzeys catalog.

He's different.

Back in November 2007, Sykes interviewed Flynn. He was about to become Milwaukee's next police chief, replacing Nan Hegerty.

It's interesting to go back and revisit that first impression of Flynn.

He was the "broken windows theory" guy. He was going to employ the approach that Rudy Giuliani used to transform New York City.

At the time, I commented:

While Flynn was very well-spoken during the interview with Sykes, he sort of reminded me of a student very well-prepared to take a criminology exam, as if he had all the right things memorized and ready to spit back during the test.

What Flynn says doesn't matter. It gets down to Flynn being able to translate theory into action, talk into results.

Milwaukee is overrun with "broken windows."

It's going to take a lot of glass and putty to turn the city around.

Flynn sounds like the man to do it.
Turns out, Flynn wasn't the man to do it.

Of course, Flynn has been limited by the resources available to him. You go to war with the army you have. In his defense, that needs to be considered.

But if you listen to the 2014 Flynn, you get political sniping and complaining rather than a plan of action.

He doesn't even bother with his "broken windows theory" rhetoric anymore. He tossed that out the window long ago.

Now, we get excuses about poverty in the city and lame statements pitting suburbanites against city residents. In short, we're getting Bill Penzey crap from Flynn.

Flynn seems to have decided it's necessary to go into CYA mode and echo Barrett's Leftist lingo.

It's the language of impotency.

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