Monday, November 3, 2014

Graeme Zielinski: Scott Walker Birthday Rant

Crazed Democrat Graeme Zielinski, the guy who worked as a "researcher" for Chris Abele, produced a stream of spewings on Twitter early yesterday evening.

Sunday was Scott Walker's birthday and the 4th anniversary of his first election as governor of Wisconsin. (God, that was a great night! So many terrific victories!)

Of course, the nightmare would begin a few months later - the protests and all the ugliness. Then came the recall.

But that ended with Walker's historic victory, defeating Tom Barrett - again.

This stinging defeat for the Democrats left some of them angry and bitter and bent on revenge. Of course, some were angry and bitter long before the recall.

Read some of the weird poison tweeted by Zielinski:

Zielinski, Abele's "researcher," is really twisted. A mentally balanced adult wouldn't publish such bizarre statements.

Why not tweet about Mary Burke's accomplishments and her qualifications to be governor of Wisconsin?


One tweet, 140 characters, is more than enough to tell that story.

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