Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Charlie Brown Christmas, ABC Cuts Scenes

ABC aired A Charlie Brown Christmas tonight.

The beloved Christmas special was missing many scenes, thanks to ABC's ruthless editing.

The version ABC showed seems to be the same cut the network has used in the past.

From December 6, 2011:

Once again, ABC elected to take a hatchet to the beloved holiday classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas.

There were so many memorable scenes missing. Why edit it so mercilessly?


ABC omitted large chunks of the special.

Cut scenes:

Throwing snowballs at the can on the fence.

Catching snowflakes on their tongues.

Pig-Pen making a snowman.

Sally asking big brother Charlie Brown to help her write her letter to Santa, telling Santa she'll gladly accept money, tens and twenties.

Shermie complaining about always being a shepherd in the Christmas play.

Schroeder and Lucy discussing Beethoven and bubble gum cards.

Lucy struggling to get Schroeder to play a version of "Jingle Bells" on his piano that's to her liking.

All were gone, to make room for commercials.

I wonder if the editors considered mincing Linus' recitation of the story of the birth of Jesus according to the Gospel of Luke.

It's sad that this favorite holiday program, which condemns the commercialism that eats away at the true meaning of Christmas, fell victim to it.

ABC is shameless.

Every time ABC airs this "abridged" version of A Charlie Brown Christmas it ticks me off.

At the beginning of the broadcast, ABC should post a notice that the program has been edited for television, SEVERELY edited.


Anonymous said...

At least we have a new definition of irony: cutting scenes from Charlie Brown Christmas to make room for more commercials.

SilentKnight65 said...

I don't watch their stupid commercials. We tape the show on the DVR and fast forward thru them. Corporations are destroying this country and this is just one more place where they are doing it. Wait till you watch Rudolph and see the butchery they do there!