Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Obama Body Camera

Obama believes that because a police officer in Ferguson did nothing wrong we need to spend $263 million of our tax dollars for body cameras for police and police training.

Of course, Obama is implying that most police officers in the United States are bad cops.

Even though what happened in Ferguson was that a police officer performed appropriately on the job, Obama is treating the case as an indication that we have a national problem when it comes to the way police officers carry out their duties.

Obama is kind of saying that the police are racist and quick to murder so we need to act now.

Really? That's what learned from the case in Ferguson?

Look at the facts of that case and learn that there was no police abuse or inappropriate behavior.

I agree with Laura Ingraham's proposal: PUT A BODY CAMERA ON OBAMA.

Let's see exactly how Obama governs. Campaigning, fundraising, and community organizing doesn't count.

Yes, let's see how Obama spends his day.

Accountability. Transparency. Body camera for Obama.

Great idea!

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