Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dontre Hamilton Protesters Shut Down I-43

Dontre Hamilton protesters are very excited!

They "shut down 43 going both ways!"

Woo hoo!!!

You know what?

You can't shut down the freeway.

If you do, you should be arrested. Period.

"Black lives matter."

Yes, they do. ALL lives matter.

If these Leftist protesters are so concerned about black lives, they should be protesting the leading cause of death of black Americans - abortion.

That won't happen. It would make too much sense.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Protests over the fatal police shooting of Dontre Hamilton produced mass arrests in Milwaukee for the first time Friday as demonstrators temporarily closed I-43 in both directions during the evening rush hour.

The Milwaukee County sheriff's office said late Friday that 73 adults and one juvenile were arrested. After the scene cleared at I-43, about 100 people picketed outside the Milwaukee Police Administration Building.

The protesters were calling for justice in the case of Hamilton — who was fatally shot by a Milwaukee police officer during a confrontation at Red Arrow Park — and pledged to stay downtown until those who were arrested on the freeway were released.

Among the protesters outside the Police Administration Building were Dontre Hamilton's brother Nathaniel Hamilton and mother, Maria Hamilton.

"We're still peaceful," Nathaniel Hamilton said. "Nothing is burning. Nothing is torn down. No one's hurt. I don't want them to think being disruptive is being violent."
Sorry, Nate. This wasn't peaceful.

This was terribly dangerous.

No one's hurt? That's BS. Preventing people from getting where they need to be is serious.


Block John Chisholm's car or Tom Barrett's car. Do not block innocent people who have no power to give you what you want.

You really blew it, Nate. You went a protest too far.

ABORTED black lives matter.

Black ABORTED babies can't breathe.

Read Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke's statement on the protests.
I want to alert the public of information that has come to our attention regarding the potential of disruptive tactics. A credible source has informed us that several anarchist groups led by outside persons, are gathering in the Milwaukee area to plan disruptive activities both before and after the decision by Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm regarding the Dontre Hamilton case. The information indicates that the groups have exploited the tragic situation involving the death of Mr. Hamilton, to destabilize daily activities of law-abiding citizens in public and private spaces open to the public. This includes the use of blockades on the interstate system and around other roadways to prevent law enforcement from responding quickly to emergency situations. These leftist groups use the tactic of hiding among legitimate peaceful protestors to conduct their illegitimate campaign.
I believe the anarchist loons are here waiting to exploit the situation.

Unfortunately, it appears that Nate and others are willing to join forces with them.

These people don't give a crap about justice.

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