Friday, December 12, 2014

Scott Walker: Molotov and Mazel Tov

For two days, Scott Walker has been the subject of a national news story.

Could it be more ridiculous???

The fact that this is making national news is absolutely pathetic.

A sampling:

New York Daily News: OY! Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker doesn’t know the difference between ‘Mazel Tov’ and ‘Molotov’

Oy vey.

Simple-minded Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker appears to not know the difference between a common Hebrew phrase and a homemade grenade.

Newly released emails, first reported on by, reveal the Dairy State Republican confusing the words “Mazel Tov” and “Molotov.”
Washington Post: Scott Walker to Jewish constituent: Molotov!
A young Milwaukee county executive with big dreams responded to a letter from a Jewish constituent.

Scott Walker, now Wisconsin’s governor, signed off, “Thank you again and Molotov.”

We presume what Walker was going for was the Hebrew phrase “mazel tov,” which Jewish people (and the Black Eyed Peas) use when congratulating others on momentous occasions. Molotov, on the other hand, is usually coupled with “cocktail,” and is an improvised explosive, which is probably not what Walker wished upon the letter recipient.

Like an American struggling to speak the language in a foreign country, Walker certainly deserves some credit for trying. Hebrew is hard.

The Walker letter was first reported Wednesday by Jessie Opoien of the Capital Times. Walker’s spokesperson was not immediately available for comment. The undated letter, which is at least four years old, was in response to an inquiry about displaying a menorah at the county courthouse for Hanukkah.
MSNBC: Scott Walker, lost in translation
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), the son of a Baptist preacher, frequently talks about his Christian faith. But his familiarity with other religions, especially in a state in which minority faiths represent a tiny percentage of the population, appears to be rather limited.

Occasionally, that can be a problem.

...Oh dear.

In all likelihood, Walker intended to write, “Mazel tov,” which is a Jewish phrase used to congratulate someone or wish them well.

“Molotov,” on the other hand, is a word more commonly associated with “a variety of bottle-based improvised incendiary weapons.”

The Capital Times’ report added, “Perhaps it was a case of AutoCorrect or that pesky Microsoft Word paperclip causing shenanigans.” That’s certainly possible. It might also be an instance in which Walker was just confused.

But as the Wisconsin Republican moves forward with his presidential plans, I’ll assume he’ll be more careful on this.
Walker's mistake even went international.

UK Daily Mail: 'Thank you and Molotov': Republican Governor Scott Walker says gaffe in letter to prominent Jewish attorney was a typo
Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker sent a letter to a prominent Jewish attorney that was signed: 'Thank you and Molotov.'

'My guess is it was a typo,' Walker, who is considering running for president in 2016, said when asked about the slip-up at the governor's mansion on Wednesday.

Walker presumably meant to write 'mazel tov' - a Jewish phrase to express congratulations and best wishes - when he sent the undated letter to prominent Milwaukee attorney Franklyn Gimbel.

The letter, sent when Walker was Milwaukee County executive, had long been forgotten but surfaced again when documents for John Doe investigations were released in August, the Cap Times reported. He said he suspects it was written around 2003.
The "prominent Milwaukee attorney" doesn't remember Walker's mistake, but Dan Bice, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, shares Gimbel's concern about it. This matters, a lot.
On Wednesday, Gimbel said he doesn't remember reading Walker's entire letter. He said he probably saw that Walker had accepted his menorah suggestion and stopped there. Had he seen the use of the phrase "molotov," Gimbel said he almost certainly would have called to point out the mistake.

"That's pretty basic," Gimbel said.

Especially for someone trying to play on the national stage.
The fools acting like this matters are really revealing how crazy they are.

Walker is stupid?


This jeopardizes his presidential candidacy potential?

On the campaign trail in 2008, Obama said he had visited 57 STATES!

That was not a spelling error. "Fifty-seven states" -- That's truly weird.

Obama has assembled a lengthy list of gaffes. Let's spend some time revisiting them!

The "Breathalzyer"

The "Corpse-man"

The "Twitters"

The "Uh"

The "E-pants-ipation"

The "brilliant" Obama.

These examples are Obama being stupid.

Far more disturbing are Obama's lies, his many, many, many lies.

It's nuts that Leftists are bent out of shape over Walker's email, but they don't much care about the terrible way Obama has treated Israel.


Ahmadinejad, Israel, and Obama

Obama's Cairo Speech: Apologies and Moral Equivalence

Obama, Israel, and 1967 Borders

Obama: Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, Israel Crisis, Democrat Fundraisers

Oooh, Walker made a mistake in an email written over ten years ago.

That matters.


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