Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Josh Zepnick's Parents Frightened By Knock At Door

I don't want to make fun of an elderly citizen frightened by someone knocking at the door at 7:00 PM.

Instead, I'll address FOX6 News and Josh Zepnick, the Wisconsin Assemblyman who threatened Dave Sobelman.

Here's the story as reported by FOX6:

A Milwaukee couple says they were unfairly frightened by a canvasser who came to their door, hoping to get their signatures in an ongoing petition drive against the proposed downtown Milwaukee streetcar — and they happen to be parents of state Rep. Josh Zepnick.

Rep. Josh Zepnick (D-Milwaukee) says he’s not playing politics. Rather, he says he’s simply protecting his parents.

It was Thursday evening, January 22nd, around 7:00 p.m. when Jeri Zepnick heard a knock at her door.

“I heard this pounding on my front door. I got so scared! I thought somebody was breaking into the house,” Jeri Zepnick said.

Jeri Zepnick and her husband were visited by a petitioner, requesting their signatures on a petition against the proposed downtown Milwaukee streetcar. But that didn’t matter.

“That scared me half to death! I said, ‘don`t you ever come back to this house again pounding on the door like that,'” Jeri Zepnick said.

Jeri Zepnick’s son is Rep. Josh Zepnick. He says during his political career, he’s done plenty of canvassing. What happened to his parents, he says, isn’t the right way to address any issue.

“Respecting peoples` privacy is also a big issue, and it`s one that, you know, supersedes how passionate you are on the debate,” Rep. Zepnick said.

It's flat-out embarrassing that Josh Zepnick would turn a knock at the door into a newsworthy matter. It's embarrassing that he would exploit his mother this way.

Equally embarrassing: FOX6 News spent two minutes of the newscast on an elderly person being frightened by someone knocking at her door.

That's loony.

Politicians do go door to door. People circulating petitions do go door to door.

They do knock.

That's not a violation of one's privacy.

It's unfortunate that Jeri Zepnick was terrified, but this story should not have been on the news.

It doesn't appear that Jeri Zepnick was all that frightened. She answered the door and yelled at the canvasser. Someone "scared to death" wouldn't open her door and address the individual she supposedly thought was breaking into her home. She'd call 911. She certainly wouldn't open the door.

This story makes Josh Zepnick look crazy.

And FOX6, what is wrong with you? Sending a reporter out to interview someone claiming to be scared by a knock at the door?


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