Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Christian Genocide

Mark Arabo, human rights activist and spokesman for the Chaldean Catholic community, is trying to get Obama and his administration to act.

MARK ARABO: This is a full blown genocide. The reports we're getting on the ground are one of mass casualties, beheadings, rapes, persecutions. It's a full blown Christian genocide, and a Christian holocaust within our midst... My people have been massacred because of who they believe in....

The time for assessment is over. We need action. We need unity. We need to protect Christians around the world because they're being slaughtered, because of who they are. This is a Christian holocaust....

The reports we're receiving from people on the ground in Iraq and Syria are reporting that every Christian is being targeted and killed because of who they are.

Video, via The Right Scoop:

And what is the Obama administration doing about it?

"The American government and the White House are not doing enough," according to Arabo.

They won't even admit what is happening. If they can't bring themselves to say it, then they certainly aren't going to act to save these people.

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