Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Graeme Zielinski, Scott Walker, Right-To Work

The Leftists are so inconsistent.

They apply and ignore standards at will.

There are different rules for Republicans and Democrats.

I guess when Obama declared that marriage was between one man and one woman that only applied to his first term and the first part of his second term, right?

Reporters should have asked, "For what period of time will your stance on gay marriage last?"

According to Leftists, Obama's documented lies were a good thing. "Sometimes, lying does pay."

For Democrats, lying is a shrewd and worthy exercise. For Republicans, "evolving" is "oily."

If Graeme Zielinski, former spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, and Dan Bice, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, are going to whine about Scott Walker's change regarding right-to-work legislation, then they should whine about Obama's various statements that didn't hold up over time.

Lie of the century. The century is young, but it's such a whopper I think it may retain the title.

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