Thursday, February 5, 2015

Marquette Firing John McAdams

Like so many others, I have been shocked by Marquette University's treatment of Political Science Professor John McAdams.

For months now, in several blog posts, I've detailed my concerns.

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I'm sorry to admit that I have been wrong.

I honestly thought Marquette University and President Michael Lovell would eventually come around and do the right thing, restoring John McAdams to his earned and well-deserved position among Marquette's faculty.

The opposite has occurred.

John McAdams posted last night:

On November 9 of last year, we published a post detailing how a student in a Philosophy class confronted the instructor after class. He was disappointed that she quickly passed over the issue of gay marriage in class, since the student wanted to argue against the policy. The instructor told the student that he was not allowed to make “homophobic” comments in class, and further that if he was allowed to argue against gay marriage, that would “offend” any gay students in class.

The post created a firestorm of controversy. First, people appalled that an instructor’s actions weighed in, and then leftist academics who felt we had been unfair to the instructor (one Cheryl Abbate) mobilized to attack us.

Marquette’s administration (most prominently Arts & Sciences Dean Richard Holz) sided with our attackers, and suspended us in December. So it was no particular surprise when, last Friday, our lawyer received a letter from Holz – addressed to us – saying:
Therefore, in accord with Section 307.03, we are commencing as of this date the procedures for revoking your tenure and dismissing you from the faculty.
Hotz’ irate letter, which can be found here, is full of poor arguments and factual misstatements.
McAdams then proceeds to explain in detail the unfounded nature and absurdity of the claims in this letter from Richard Holz.

This morning, I heard Rick Esenberg, Marquette University law professor and legal counsel for McAdams, discuss the matter on Charlie Sykes' WTMJ radio program. I heard McAdams speaking with Vicki McKenna on her WISN radio program.

When I learned today that Marquette had taken steps to fire McAdams, my first thought was that this is a "defining moment" for Marquette. Those were precisely the words that Esenberg used when talking to Sykes.

This is it. This is everything.

Marquette's reputation and Marquette's legacy is on the line.

If this battle is lost, it's over.

As I've mentioned previously, we chose NOT to make our annual donation to Marquette solely because of the abuse of John McAdams.

I hoped that this break in our pattern of giving, something that even "The Gold" fiasco didn't alter, would be a temporary situation.

It appears that is not the case.

Simply put, this is a disgrace. Lovell is standing by while the university destroys its standing as a quality Jesuit institution.

Academic freedom at Marquette is dead.

Catholic teaching at Marquette is dead.

These are not understatements.

I really didn't think Lovell and Marquette would be so blind, so clueless in terms of the consequences of their actions.

I gave them too much credit. I had faith in them.

To say I'm disillusioned is an understatement.

Marquette's plan to fire McAdams is the final nail in the coffin.

In short, we're done, Marquette.

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