Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cecil the Lion

I know what this Cecil thing says about our society.

We are completely insane and totally lost.

Good grief. Yeah, yeah, Americans are evil. Let's all cry.

What Walter Palmer did was awful. Without question, he should be held accountable for any laws he broke and be punished accordingly.

I'm not saying Cecil's death should be dismissed. Lion lives matter.


World Explodes Over Dead Lion, Ignores Planned Parenthood

That's a problem. Where's respect for LIFE? Is there such a thing as HUMAN DIGNITY?

You can't be bartering about aborted baby body parts while swilling wine and munching on salad. You can't. You're screwed up beyond belief if you can. I can't relate.

Personally, I am on the brink of losing faith in the goodness of people.

It's getting really bad. I feel like giving up and dropping out. That's not an option. I know that. But all does seem lost.

Downer, I know. Just being honest.

If this is our society, I want out. I don't belong.

Should I turn to my church for moral grounding and hope? To be told I should believe capitalism and climate change are evil?

Church is increasingly becoming less of a sanctuary.

This is not good.

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