Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Late Show with Stephen Colbert - AWFUL

Oh, my God.

It was terrible.

I didn't plan to watch the debut of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Then, I decided I had to watch David Letterman's successor. As a late night TV viewer, I would watch the start of a new era on CBS.

It was painfully bad. I will not be a regular viewer. I won't be a sometime viewer. Unless there is a guest booked that I'm oddly compelled to see, I will never watch the show again.

Clearly, I'm not a Colbert fan.

The opening "Star-Spangled Banner" performance was odd. Jon Stewart's cameo didn't excite me. I thought he was Wolf Blitzer.

Colbert's jokes weren't funny.

Trump, Trump, Trump.

The Oreo bit was so dumb.

Trump, Trump, Trump.

George Clooney, the first guest, was unwatchable. I changed the channel. I couldn't stand it.

I flipped back to see Jeb Bush. I thought I must have missed the segment. The commercial break I caught went on forever. Based on the time, I was certain I missed it. When the break finally ended, Colbert introduced Bush. OK. The segment was ridiculously brief, but a message on the screen directed viewers to Colbert's CBS website for additional content. Seriously? I don't think so.

The musical performance, a rendition of "Everyday People," featuring Mavis Staples, was nice but also a little weird, a little too much of a time warp.

During the commercial break before Colbert closed his first episode at the reins of Late Show, an ad bashed Ron Johnson - perfectly fitting, made complete sense.

The show ran over its time slot. No surprise there.

The final bit was Colbert and Jimmy Fallon in the late night locker room. Whatever.

Really painful.

I'll add the recording to my late night talk show library, but I'm done.

I watched. I suffered. It's over.

I'm done.

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