Friday, September 25, 2015

Maria Shriver: Before Pope Francis, Embarrassed to Enter Catholic Chruch

The Leftist media really nauseate me.

MSNBC is in a different universe. I can't relate to those people.

Tim Graham, NewsBusters, reports that Maria Shriver, a Catholic, said she was embarrassed to enter her church before Pope Francis.

NBC’s resident Catholic pundit Maria Shriver proclaimed on MSNBC on Wednesday afternoon that Pope Francis has now made it possible to enter a Catholic church without it being “kind of embarrassing.”

This is someone who might feel it “kind of embarrassing” that Grandpa had her Aunt Rosemary lobotomized, or that her movie-star husband had affairs (and a child) with the household help. She was telling all this to Brian Williams – the freshest embarrassment of NBC News.

I was talking to a priest just the day before yesterday and he said pointing to his collar, you know, two years ago people saw this on me and they thought I was a pedophile. Today, they see me and they come up and say “I love your pope. Give him a hug. I want to know more about him."

And I myself as a Catholic, you know, just two years ago, two and a half years ago. That's a very short time, it was kind of embarrassing to walk into your church. You had a lot of questions. You felt bad about what was going on. You felt bad they weren't responding to a lot of these allegations, doing anything about it. And now you have a man who has really changed that, stepped forward who has made changes, not only in the Vatican but all the way down to the kind of parish level.
This passage misrepresents the long-standing effort to address the sex-abuse scandals in the American church, starting with the first serious national media investigations in 2002. (Ask any of us who were finger-printed before we could teach religious education to Catholic children a decade ago.) The notion that the Vatican wasn’t “doing anything” or “responding to a lot of these allegations” of sex abuse before Francis isn’t accurate journalism, and even more objectionable coming from someone posing as a Catholic expert on the Catholic response.

Shriver seemed relieved in some sense because Francis is changing the “emphasis of dialogue” to liberal-pleasing issues like climate change and illegal immigration.

It amazes me that Shriver and those of her ilk can compartmentalize the way they do. They create and embrace characters to fit their agenda.

The reality is Pope Francis has not changed the Catholic Church. He hasn't altered anything about it significantly.

I guess Shriver should still be embarrassed.

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