Thursday, September 24, 2015

TMZ Pope Francis Shirt

If there is any doubt in your mind that what Pope Francis is saying is being framed as promoting a Leftist agenda, this should put all doubts to rest:

I don't think all these new pope fans really are embracing God and Catholicism. They seem to be embracing a somewhat distorted view based on spin.

Yeah, well, whatever.

"The Pope Is Dope."

All right.

Specifically, what about the pope is dope? Exactly what about the Catholic Church is dope?

I wonder if they think God is dope.

This is all so twisted. Pope Francis is criticizing American culture as he appears to be doing all he can to elevate his status as a celebrity and cultural phenom. Maybe Pope Francis will slow jam the news with Jimmy Fallon.

I really don't like how political and commercial the Holy Father's visit is. God and His promise of salvation aren't the focus. Pope Francis, the celebrity cool guy in the Fiat bashing conservatives and promoting the Leftist religion, is being worshipped.

Personally, the best part so far for me was yesterday's Mass. AND THAT WAS IN SPANISH. I'm not fluent in Spanish, but the celebration of the Eucharist was uplifting. And the recessional hymn was in English. Nice touch for us English-speaking American Catholics.

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