Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Chris Larson: Milwaukee County Executive

Chris Larson, former AWOL Wisconsin senator, former senate minority leader, and shoplifter, announced yesterday that he will be challenging Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.

Chris vs. Chris.

From FOX6 News:

Wisconsin Senator Chris Larson (D) announced his candidacy for Milwaukee County Executive on Monday afternoon, October 12th.

Larson made the announcement in front of the Greenfield home where he grew up. Larson indicated that he has been more focused on his family and his community for the last ten months. He feels the office needs to be restored. Larson said Milwaukee County is his home -- and he intends for it to be the home of his children as well.

"I seek to serve once again," said Larson. "If I win, we will take the office back for the middle class."

Larson told reporters he is running for Milwaukee County Executive because he was asked to restore the power to the people.

"It's clear Milwaukee County is heading in the wrong direction," said Larson.
I'm no Chris Abele fan, but he's dramatically better than Chris Larson.
...Larson was joined by former Wisconsin State Rep. Sandy Pasch and Congresswoman Gwen Moore, who has endorsed Larson.

Gwen Moore's endorsement?

That's all you need to know.

Apparently, Abele isn't Leftist enough for the Leftists.

Enter Larson.

Bottom line: Larson would be a disaster for Milwaukee County.

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