Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pope: Trump Not a Christian

Pope Francis, in this Year of Mercy, has decided Trump deserves no mercy. The Pope believes a sovereign nation should not be allowed to build a wall to secure its borders. One is not a Christian if one thinks a wall is appropriate.


I'm sorry. As a Catholic, I have a problem with the Pope saying Trump is not a Christian. The Pope can certainly declare that Christians should build bridges rather than walls and stuff like that. I don't get why the Pope would tell the world Trump is not a Christian.

Not to disrespect the Pope, in this Year of Mercy and all, but wouldn't it be better, dare I say more Christian, to suggest that Trump should reconsider his view rather than calling him "not Christian"?

From the Washington Post:

Hours after praying for Mexican migrants who died trying to reach the United States, Pope Francis singled out Donald Trump, telling reporters aboard the papal plane that anybody who wants to build border walls, "wherever they may be ... is not Christian."

"This is not in the Gospel," Francis said Thursday, according to the Associated Press.

He added: "I'd just say that this man is not Christian if he said it this way."
I'd like Pope Francis to go on the record and say that Obama and Hillary and Bernie and every single other Democrat in Washington supporting abortion is NOT Christian.

If he's going to single out politicians for their lack of Christianity, he needs to call out the pro-abortionists as NOT CHRISTIAN, call them out by name.

Why doesn't the Pope point his finger at them and decry them as NOT CHRISTIAN?

There is a troubling inconsistency here. That's what makes it appear that Pope Francis is pushing a specific political agenda rather than being the Vicar of Christ.

Year of Mercy?

Not really.

How many babies will be killed today in America, losing their lives thanks to the country's abortion laws, the ones Hillary and Bernie and Obama and their cohorts adore so much?

Any mercy for these innocents?


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