Sunday, November 20, 2016

Chicago: Trump Supporter Disrupts 'Dear Theodosia'

"Dear Theodosia" is a beautiful moment in Hamilton: An American Musical. It's a love song. Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, new fathers and long-time opponents, express their shared feelings for their newly born children, two seemingly very different people feeling the same way and wanting the same things for their little ones.

It's a very quiet and tender point in the production.

The alleged Trump supporter who disrupted the Chicago performance of Hamilton last night knew what he was doing, breaking that gentle moment for maximum effect.

From the Daily Caller:

It did not take long for a Donald Trump supporter to respond to the way the Broadway cast of “Hamilton” treated Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

BroadwayWorld reports a Trump supporter disrupted the Saturday night performance of “Hamilton” in Chicago.

The audience member, who was sitting in the balcony, reportedly shouted, “We won! You Lost! Get over it! F*ck you!” during the number “Dear Theodosia.”

One Twitter user, BroadwayWorld notes, claims that the disrupter ended up in a conflict with security prior to being removed from the theater.

It did not take long for a Donald Trump supporter to respond to the way the Broadway cast of “Hamilton” treated Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

Additionally, a Facebook user wrote, “At the end, the performers were crying… so was I. They didn’t break characters once. They still sang their hearts out.”

The cast of “Hamilton” initially stepped into the political spotlight Friday night when Pence attended a show with his family that evening and was booed by audience members, as well as singled out for criticism by cast members throughout the performance.

After the curtain call, the cast all appeared on stage to address Pence directly. Cast member Brandon Victor Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr in the show, lectured Pence.

Donald Trump criticized the Hamilton cast on Twitter saying they “harassed” Pence, and called for an apology to his running mate. Trump also tweeted Sunday morning that the play was “overrated.”


Update: an audience member has exclusively confirmed to BroadwayWorld that the initial disturbance began after the audience member was enraged by the line "immigrants, we get the job done." The majority of the audience cheered that specific line.

Audience members exited the auditorium to retrieve venue staff to remove the disruptive audience member. Our source confirmed that the altercation lasted for at least two numbers and that there was a struggle with security but "he didn't throw punches."

The audience member also informed us that venue staff later said the audience member had been intoxicated.
"Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)" has the line, "immigrants, we get the job done."

When I was there, some audience members did cheer that specific line, too, but not the majority of those in attendance.

This is awful, the whole Hamilton/Pence/Trump mess.

Given the revelations from Project Veritas, and the bragging by Democrat operatives that they were responsible for planting people at Trump rallies to create disruptions and other protests, I won't assume the person who disrupted the Chicago performance is actually a Trump supporter.

It could be that once again Democrats wanted to give their complicit Leftist media something to report that would paint Trump supporters in a negative way, especially considering the backlash over the lecturing of Mike Pence by the Broadway cast of Hamilton on Friday night.

Of course, it also could be that the person really did support Trump and chose to protest. Reportedly, the guy was intoxicated. I'm sure I've been in audiences with many drunks, but I've never experienced a disruption like this one.

Whatever, it was a terrible thing to do. There is no excuse for that behavior. NONE.

Audience members do not shout during a performance. They do not disrupt what is happening on stage. Period.

I would have been outraged if an incident like that happened when I saw this show or any other show.

I wish I knew the truth about the alleged "supporter," but it really doesn't make a difference in terms of the disruption.

It was so wrong to subject the performers and, more importantly, the audience, to such a vile protest.

Right now, things really have become poisoned in this country. The worst part is I don't see things improving.

Time for everyone to behave. And Trump is wrong about the musical being overrated.

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