Monday, November 7, 2016

Charlie Sykes and Paul Ryan and Bill Maher

I heard the last half hour of Charlie Sykes' radio program this morning.

He interviewed the Speaker of House, Paul Ryan, less than 24 hours before Election Day. While Ryan presented the message of the need for Republican unity to promote the agenda to get our country back on track, Sykes accused him of selling out his principles by backing Trump.

Oh, my God!

Allowing Hillary to pack the courts with Leftist judges is selling out conservative principles, potentially for generations!

THAT is the real sell-out. OPEN YOUR EYES! WAKE THE HELL UP!

Ryan did a terrific job of staying on message and not stooping to address Sykes' MSNBC lines. Instead, Ryan focused on the importance of electing Ron Johnson and keeping the courts out of radical Leftist hands.

Sykes, however, chose to bring up times Ryan had condemned Trump, like the Mexican-American judge controversy and the Billy Bush tape. Sykes even went to the twelve women accusing Trump of sexual assault, as if he had been criminally charged with substantiated evidence.

Ryan very skillfully exposed the consequences of the ultimate nightmare of voting to permit Democrat control of the House, Senate, and White House.

Sykes, of course, wasn't moved.

After a commercial break, Sykes chose to end his final program before the Election with this clip from BILL MAHER:

Sykes let BILL MAHER speak for him.

What a great exclamation point to sum up what Sykes has done since becoming an MSNBC tool!

Bottom line: Ryan has it right.

Vote for Trump.

Vote for Ron Johnson.

Vote for the Republican in House races.

This is the ONLY way to vote against Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold and Democrat control of the Senate, and the Leftist policies they would enact with control of the House.

Save the courts from radical Leftists.

Don't listen to Bill Maher and his followers.

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