Monday, November 7, 2016

Tonight Show Anti-Trump Guests: Bill Maher and Daveed Diggs

Last Friday, I heard Jimmy Fallon say that Bill Maher would be his guest on Monday night.

Fallon claims to want to be the guy everyone can go to for a laugh. The Tonight Show is supposed to be a happy place.

Unfortunately, Fallon and his team are choosing to take a stand the night before the election by giving Bill Maher a forum to bash Trump.

Bad call. Very divisive.

Daveed Diggs is also scheduled for Monday's show.

Diggs played Thomas Jefferson and Marquis de Lafayette in the Broadway production of Hamilton. He won a Tony for his phenomenal performance.

It's worth noting that Diggs has this eight-minute "PSA" telling Millennials to vote for Hillary:

DAVEED DIGGS: We're gonna conduct a serious side by side comparison of a racist, misogynist, Cheeto-dusted, human trash fire to a woman who's devoted the last forty years of her life to public service as first lady, senator, secretary of state, and now the first woman in history to be nominated for president of the United States.

Fallon and The Tonight Show are making quite a statement.

I just want to relax and laugh. It's not enough to stay off the Internet to avoid all the election divisiveness. Network "entertainment" TV is also not a safe zone.


UPDATE: Bill Maher and Jimmy Fallon: Pro-Hillary, Anti-Trump Propaganda

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