Friday, October 15, 2010

Orion and Obama

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Orion Energy Systems Inc. said Friday its two wind turbines and solar panels installation, coupled with its own energy efficiency technologies, mean that its Manitowoc factory has hit a milestone in meeting its own energy needs.

“During certain periods of time during the day, we actually displace as much energy as our manufacturing facility consumes,” said Kevin Crawford, vice president of government affairs.

Orion said it hoped to convince its energy efficiency customers, including one-fourth of the Fortune 500 companies, to deploy distributed renewable power in conjunction with energy efficiency as part of what the Manitowoc firm calls the Orion “integrated system.”

The company installed a small wind turbine in August and more recently a larger 50-kilowatt wind turbine adjacent to its headquarters and factory. The company also has installed 270 kilowatts of panels from California solar tube developer Solyndra on the 266,000-square-foot factory’s roof.

Orion says its own energy efficient lighting technologies and its electric-light reducing daylighting product, the light pipe -- shown in conjunction with Solyndra's panels in the picture below -- are being used to reduce energy use within its factory. The Solyndra solar panels plus the wind turbines are generating power to offset the remaining energy use.

On days when it’s overcast or there isn’t much wind, grid parity won’t be achieved, but it’s a milestone nonetheless, Crawford said.

Obama touted the work being done by Orion over a year ago.

Unfortunately, the brilliant Obama didn't learn how to pronounce the company's name, even though just minutes earlier he had listened to a presentation that included the proper pronunciation.

Not too smooth.

March 23, 2009:

All terrific press for Orion, except that Obama kept pronouncing the company’s name wrong, calling it OAR-ee-on.

After finishing his remarks and talking with a few people, the president returned to the microphone and said his prepared remarks led him to pronounce the firm's name wrong.

“I suspect this is Or-EYE-on as opposed to OAR-ee-on. Just wanted to make sure that when I’m giving you a plug, that we’ve got the right plug. It’s Or-EYE-on.”

Not smooth at all.


Harvey Finkelstein said...

Only problem is that wind and solar have to be backed up 100% by conventional means, therefore there is no net gain and power prices will actually increase. That is, unless the businesses don't want to run when power is not available. Nope, they want it all. What a bunch of hypocrisy and a huge waste of money.

Mary said...

It is such a waste and so hypocritical.

"Green energy" that isn't green is just green snake oil.