Monday, March 5, 2012

The War on Rush Limbaugh

UPDATE, March 7, 2012: Clearing Up Misinformation on Our Sponsors

UPDATE, March 6, 2012: Investors flee Carbonite after Limbaugh announcement

UPDATE, March 5, 2012: RUSH LIMBAUGH: Why I Apologized to Sandra Fluke

America is falling apart.

The country is a mess.

There may be some signs that the economy is picking up, but my family and friends aren't feeling it AT ALL.

One of our most cherished freedoms is being attacked by the Obama administration - religious liberty.

Obama's assault on Catholics should frighten all Americans.

But what's the big story?

Rush Limbaugh and his comments about Sandra Fluke.

My dear fellow Catholics and fellow Americans, don't you think this is crazy?

Why are we allowing such a relatively minor thing as an inappropriate remark by Limbaugh to consume the national dialogue?

It's nuts.

It's wrong.

It's irresponsible.

It's sad.

What is happening to my country?

From the New York Times:

Emboldened by Rush Limbaugh’s public apology over the weekend to a law school student whom he had called a “slut” and a “prostitute,” critics of the radio talk show host are intensifying their online campaign against his advertisers.

The apology, they said, was a signal that the campaign was working. On Sunday, a seventh company, ProFlowers, said that it was suspending all of its advertising on “The Rush Limbaugh Show” despite his apologetic statement a day earlier.

For now, the ad boycott is uncomfortable but not crippling for Mr. Limbaugh, who is estimated to make $50 million a year and whose program is a profit center for Premiere Radio Networks, the company that syndicates it. The program makes money both through ads and through fees paid by local radio stations, and while it often has sparked outrage during more than two decades on the air, efforts at ad boycotts in the past have had no measurable effect. Liberal groups and activists, however, hope that this time is different.

...By the time he apologized, online protesters had been organizing for days on social networking Web sites and liberal hubs like Daily Kos. They called on companies like ProFlowers to remove their ads from “The Rush Limbaugh Show” and appeared to be having some success, as companies like Sleep Train said they had suspended advertising.

One such company that had been a longtime sponsor of Mr. Limbaugh’s, Carbonite, said it would reconsider its ad spending; after the apology was issued, it announced that it would suspend its ads anyway. “We hope that our action, along with the other advertisers who have already withdrawn their ads, will ultimately contribute to a more civilized public discourse,” the company’s chief executive, David Friend, said.

If Leftists think that they are going to destroy Limbaugh and cause his massive audience to abandon him, they're delusional.

The Daily Kos crowd can break advertisers, but there is no way they can break the conservative audience.

An apology from Limbaugh isn't enough for some advertisers. Instead, they're bowing to the radical Leftists. That's their choice.

Of course, actions have consequences.

If ProFlowers and Carbonite really think pulling their sponsorship of Limbaugh's show will be good for them from a business standpoint, then they're doing the right thing.

I think in the end these advertisers will suffer far more than Limbaugh, but it's their choice.

Naturally, Media Matters, an Obama White House appendage, is trumpeting Limbaugh's loss of some advertisers.

...Eric Boehlert of the liberal media monitoring group Media Matters for America predicted on Sunday that the apology would not “stop the pressure that’s being applied to his advertisers.”

“His comments were so egregious, naturally advertisers will have doubts about being associated with Limbaugh’s brand of hate,” Mr. Boehlert said in an e-mail message.

Premiere’s parent company, Clear Channel, deferred questions to Premiere, which declined to answer questions about the effect of the ad boycott or the widespread anger at Mr. Limbaugh.

In a statement, Premiere — best known for conservative talk shows — said it was committed to giving listeners access to a broad range of opinion and commentary. “The contraception debate is one that sparks strong emotion and opinions on both sides of the issue,” the company said. “We respect the right of Mr. Limbaugh, as well as the rights of those who disagree with him, to express those opinions.”

Eric Boehlert's pontificating is absolutely sickening.

The Leftists' selective outrage really, REALLY is reprehensible.

Limbaugh's "brand of hate" pales in comparison to the stuff spewed by the rabid Left.

The difference is the Left's hate is propped up by the mainstream media. Much is even considered entertaining.

I'm not just talking about the likes of haters such as the disgusting, vile Bill Maher and the crazed Ed Schultz and nearly everyone with a show on MSNBC.

David Letterman has shown what a hateful man he is on many occasions in his merciless, obsessive trashing of Sarah Palin and her children.

Jay Leno, unfortunately, has also taken an ugly turn to the Left. Can't stomach him either anymore.

Even Jimmy Fallon's show has been home to hate. Remember The Roots' despicable treatment of guest Michele Bachmann, playing "Lyin' Ass Bitch" as she was introduced?

Did advertisers abandon these "entertainers" for their egregious behavior?

Limbaugh's comments are certainly no worse than what these Leftists have put out.

I don't like the coarseness of the remarks. They're inappropriate. Whether they're from those on the Right or the Left is irrelevant. Inappropriate is inappropriate.

What is relevant is the way the Left's "brand of hate" is excused.

That is utterly unacceptable.

So, LegalZoom, ProFlowers, Carbonite, Quicken Loans, Citrix, Sleep Train, and Sleep Number:

Apparently, Limbaugh's comments are unforgivable. "Sorry" doesn't cut it.

All right. Say goodbye to lots and lots of customers.

This is war.


Harvey Finkelstein said...

Wouldn't want this to get any attention, right?

Mary said...

I like the new look at Breitbart.

At CPAC, Andrew said there would be vetting for Obama this time around.

The vetting begins...