Saturday, June 1, 2013

Graeme Zielinski Unleashed on Twitter

Twitter led to the downfall of Graeme Zielinski, former spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and unapologetic American flag burner.

Alas, he wrote one too many disgusting tweets. Even Mike Tate and the morally twisted Democrats had to eventually distance themselves from Zielinski.

When Zielinski equated Gov. Scott Walker with Jeffrey Dahmer in a truly bizarre episode on Twitter, his "official" duties as the Democrats' mouthpiece ended.

Zielinski is still flipping out on Twitter. He's just not doing it on behalf of Wisconsin's Democrat party.

He may not be the spokesman, but we know where his political allegiance lies. So, when he has a Twitter fit, I still associate it with the Democrats. That's because the party refused to cut him loose for so long. They made no apologies for keeping him around. They encouraged him and condoned his vitriolic spewings.

On Friday night, Zielinski was having one of his disturbing Twitter crack-ups. He lashes out in the most hateful ways and then he tweets something related to his professed Catholic faith.

It is weird.


I forgot I was following Zielinski on Twitter, until I noticed his creepy fit. It's very troubling to witness a cyber-meltdown like this.

I seriously think Zielinski needs professional help. If he's already under a doctor's care, he should consider switching doctors.

This is not the behavior of a psychologically stable adult individual.

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jimspice said...

It's not the "Democrat Party," it's the "Democratic Party." I've always wondered why you guys do that.