Friday, June 14, 2013

WI Assembly Approves Ultrasound Bill - TMJ4 Objects

On TMJ4's 10:00 PM newscast, Courtny Gerrish reported on Sonya's Law. The State Assembly passed the legislation that requires women planning to have an abortion to receive an ultrasound of the unborn baby.

Susan Armacost, Legislative Director for Wisconsin Right to Life, explains the measure:

“In spite of the blatant misinformation being promoted by the opponents of Sonya’s Law, this legislation does not force women to have a specific type of ultrasound, said Armacost. “It is up to the women to choose the type of ultrasound she prefers, after all options are explained to her. The actual language of the law states: ‘perform an obstetric ultrasound on the pregnant woman, using whichever tranducer the woman chooses after the options have been explained to her.’”
It's no surprise that pro-abortion proponents are flipping out.

From AP:

The measure would require... the technician to point out the fetus' features and organs.
Being exposed to reality! Pointing out the unborn baby's features and organs! How horrific!

Of course, there's an effort by the pro-abortion crowd to distort the bill.

I guess TMJ4 must be considered on the pro-abortion team.

Gerrish introduced the very brief report on the passage of the legislation by saying it's "going to be more difficult" for Wisconsin women to get an abortion.

"More difficult"? No, it's not. That's not true.

Having an ultrasound is not difficult. It's no obstacle for any woman determined to abort her unborn baby. It simply helps her to be better informed about REALITY.

Have an ultrasound. Very simple. Maybe learn something about fetal development. The woman has the opportunity to see the fetus, the unique, genetically complete human life she's carrying.

Then, nothing stops her from proceeding with an abortion. This legislation doesn't prevent her from ending the unborn baby's life.

It might be "more difficult," morally and emotionally, to know that the abortion will indeed stop the baby's beating heart.

So if by "more difficult" Gerrish meant morally and emotionally, then her statement could accurately apply. However, I don't think there's any doubt her words were meant to give the viewer the impression that the Wisconsin Legislature was making abortion a more difficult procedure to obtain.

Not true. Having the developing baby killed is still just as easy as it has been.

Why didn't Gerrish say something like "before women abort their babies, the legislation provides that they will now be educated on fetal development"?

Education is a good thing.

The pro-abortion spin by the media is pathetic. It's very bad journalism.

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