Friday, August 16, 2013

Graeme Zielinski: 3rd Drunk Driving Arrest

DEMOCRAT Graeme Zielinski, crazed former spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, just racked up his THIRD drunk driving arrest.

THREE times Zielinski was busted for driving under the influence. (H/t Mark Belling and Charlie Sykes)

Zielinski has a serious problem. For someone supposedly committed to crusading to help the public, he certainly has been putting the public at risk with his repeated reckless behavior.

This wasn't a one-time mistake. Zielinski is displaying an extremely disturbing and dangerous pattern.

The THIRD DUI by high-profile DEMOCRAT Zielinski should get significant attention by Milwaukee and Wisconsin media. The operative word is "should."



Apparently, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel doesn't consider Zielinski's THIRD DUI news. It's not mentioned online hours and hours after the news of Zielinski's THIRD ARREST was spreading via talk radio and Twitter. The JS does consider a Green Bay man charged with his fifth OWI newsworthy. Is that supposed to make Zielinski's crimes less troubling?

FOX6 News doesn't mention Zielinski's THIRD DUI on its website, but it prominently reports that the MSOE Dean of Students was arrested for driving the wrong way on I-94. That's news, but so is the story of Zielinski's drunk driving.

TMJ4 ignores the story. However, Floyd Matlock gets coverage by TMJ4 for his third DUI. Zielinski gets a pass.

WISN also ignores Zielinski's THIRD DUI, as does CBS 58.

I hope the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel eventually covers the story with the sort of zeal that would be given if Zielinski worked for Scott Walker. Zielinski is a prominent Wisconsin DEMOCRAT. Without question, this story deserves attention.

I want to see Zielinski's mug shot, his most recent one, from his THIRD DUI. I'd like to see the mug shots from the DEMOCRAT'S first and second arrests, too. It's news.

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