Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mark Pocan: Rubio - Ricky Ricardo, Fiona - Cruella De Vil

Over the weekend at the state's Dem party convention, Mark Pocan, DEMOCRAT Congressman from Wisconsin, attacked Republican 2016 presidential candidates by making some really childish and somewhat offensive remarks.

In his little routine, Pocan was casting a House of Cards series.

Here's video:

Transcript, from The Weekly Standard:

MARK POCAN: The GOP primary field is turning into quite a circus. In fact, it is going to be so entertaining, in fact, I hear that Netflix is going to create a House of Cards special series just on the 2016 primary. It's going to be called 'House of Cards: Jokers Gone Wild.' Now, I've actually been leaked a casting presentation from the producers that I could share with you tonight if you’d like to see it, would you like that?

Alright, let's, if we could, our first one, Kevin from The Office as Governor Mike Huckabee. Next, Will Ferrell from The Campaign as Governor Rick Perry, but now, don't forget, you got to put glasses on him because now he's smart. Next, Grandpa Munster as Senator Ted Cruz. That is really, really, scarily, eerily similar. Ricky Ricardo from I Love Lucy as Senator Marco Rubio. Cruella de Vil as Carly Fiorina. Will Ferrell in a second role as Senator Paul Rand. All right. George W. Bush as Governor Jeb Bush as George W. Bush. Alfred E. Neuman as Senator Lindsey Graham. Oh, now that's not nice, Jabba the Hutt as Governor Chris Christie. Who put that in there? Who put that in there? That's just not nice. Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock as Governor Bobby Jindal, and finally a pair of flip-flops as Governor Scott Walker.
How buffoonish!

Pocan made a fool of himself.

Who is "Senator Paul Rand"?

Do you think a Republican could get away with mocking a Cuban-American Democrat candidate by calling him Ricky Ricardo?

If a Republican called a female Dem candidate Cruella de Vil, the Democrat War on Women brigade would be outraged and having a fit.

Apparently, Pocan was auditioning for the role as biggest buffoon in Wisconsin's Democrat congressional contingent. He's giving Gwen Moore a run for her money.

As bad as Pocan's remarks were, I think Gwen still holds the title.

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Anonymous said...

I do declare that the morbidly obese, non-taxpaying racist Mark Pocan, a proud, white Communist elitist, greatly resembles Boss Hogg or Porky Pig. Sooo-eeee! Here, pig, pig, pig!