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Michael Lovell's First Year: The Numbers

From Marquette University's July 2015 Alumni Newsletter:

By the numbers: A look back on President Lovell's first year

July 1 marked the official one-year anniversary of Michael R. Lovell as president of Marquette University. The Marquette community celebrated many major milestones with our 24th and first lay president. From tweeting to 6,000 followers to traveling 20,000 miles to visit with alumni across the country in the Journey Continues events and worshipping with hundreds of students inside the Joan of Arc Chapel, relive the moments of a year to remember.
24: 24th President Michael R. Lovell was inaugurated as the 24th and first lay president of Marquette University on September 19.

1.238: 1.238 million people watched the television newscasts covering President Lovell's major announcements from his Presidential Address, which resulted in more than 100 media stories.

4: 4 major academic leaders were announced. Dr. Jeanne Hossenlopp took on a new role as vice president for research and innovation, Dr. Brian Till was named Keyes Dean of Business Administration, Dr. Dan Myers was named university provost, and Dr. Kristina Ropella was named Opus Dean of Engineering.

275: 275 innovation proposals were submitted for the $5.7 million strategic innovation fund. The teams included 449 faculty members, 212 staff members, 127 non-Marquette-affiliated individuals, 106 students and 52 alumni.

20,000: 20,000 miles were logged on a 14-city tour across the United States as President Lovell met with 4,000 alumni and friends for his Journey Continues events.

1,366: 1,366 donors from around the world contributed $316,675 to the James Foley Scholarship Fund in honor of the slain journalist and 1996 alumnus.

6: 6 Guiding Values 12,000 Marquette community members learned of and live the university's
Guiding Values.

19: 19 new police officers were commissioned, and the Marquette University Police Department was formed May 1.

5,280: 5,280 feet or one mile was walked by President Lovell in high heels to promote awareness of and education about domestic violence.

19: 19 percent of Marquette freshmen became the first in their family to attend college. In April, the Rick Majerus Family Foundation donated $1 million to support scholarships for first-generation students in the Klingler College of Arts and Sciences.

200-plus: 200-plus speaking engagements in President Lovell’s first year, which was defined by community collaboration and innovation.

3: 3 new leaders started in the Department of Athletics. Coach Steve Wojciechowski was hired April 1, Vice President and Director of Athletics Bill Scholl was hired September 9, and Coach Carolyn Kieger was hired May 1.

5,000,000: $5 million was donated by Dr. Michael and Billie Kubly to establish the Charles E. Kubly Mental Health Research Center in the College of Health Sciences.

10: 10 gallons of freezing cold water were dumped on President Lovell’s head by Marquette students for the Ice Bucket Challenge to promote awareness of ALS.

1,638: 1,638 words from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s Catholic Herald were written to describe how “faith comes first” for President Lovell and his family.

6,000: 6,000 Twitter followers and counting for @PresLovell, who tweeted more than 850 times to the Marquette community during his first year.

4,355: 4,355 faculty, students and staff completed the Campus Climate Study, and 34 individuals — including community members — formed the President’s Task Force on Equity and Inclusion.

8,000: 8,000 square feet of space on the sixth floor of the seven-story Global Water Center will house Marquette scientists who will offer solutions to the world’s most pressing water issues.

800: 800 block of West Michigan Street will be home to the new Athletic Performance Research Center. It's part of a strategic partnership with the Milwaukee Bucks and supports President Lovell's goal of doubling Marquette's research in five years.

5: 5-plus minutes of dancing with the women of Cobeen Hall to The Wobble took place in front of a captivated Valley Fields audience.

2,186: 2,186 pounds of food were donated in just one hour after President Lovell in November challenged the Marquette campus community to donate 1,000 pounds.

1,000,000: $1 million was invested in the Promote Assets and Reduce Crime Initiative by the Near West Side Partners, a group led by five neighborhood anchor institutions, including Marquette.

20: 20 higher ed institutions attended a summit in August at Marquette to foster student innovation and entrepreneurship for an initiative called the Commons.

1,332: 1,332 books were donated by Marquette basketball to the College of Education's Hartman Literacy and Learning Center. Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade and his Wade’s World Foundation announced the Live to Dream program to enhance literacy for inner-city children.

30: 30 Years The amount of time Gerald "Gerry" Rauenhorst served as a Marquette trustee, the university's longest-tenured trustee. Rauenhorst, who passed away in 2014, was honored by President Lovell and Marquette in September at a ceremony renaming the College of Engineering the Opus College of Engineering after the company he founded.

192: 192 members actively participate in the president’s running club, which meets every Tuesday and Thursday at St. Joan of Arc Chapel.

1: 1 Miraculous story of recovery highlighting the power of prayer. Jen Waters, then a junior, overcame life-threatening injuries while studying abroad in Madrid.

THANKS for a great year
Without question, this is an inadequate summary of Michael Lovell's first year as president of Marquette University.

Some additions, by the numbers:

1: One professor banned from campus

The disgrace of Lovell allowing Professor John McAdams to be banned from campus and treated like a terrorist is omitted.

1: One professor in the process of being fired

The disgrace of Lovell's effort to fire Professor John McAdams is omitted.

?: An unknown amount of instances Catholic teaching is under attack on campus

The disgrace of Lovell allowing students to be harassed for discussing Catholic teaching and values is omitted.
?: An unknown amount of chilling instances of "silencing"

The disgrace of Lovell presiding over the "silencing" on the Marquette campus is omitted.
1: One spot on the list of top 10 threats to free speech

The disgrace of Marquette making the list of the the top 10 threats to free speech on campus under Lovell's watch is omitted.
1: One mural honoring a convicted murderer and domestic terrorist

The disgrace of Lovell permitting Marquette to display a mural honoring domestic terrorist and convicted cop killer Assata Shakur until there was a national outcry against it is omitted.

Wow. Great numbers. Way to go President Lovell. Nice first year. Be proud.

As a result of Michael Lovell's first year at Marquette, we decided to cut off all monetary donations to the university, breaking a pattern of years and years and years of annual gifts.

I wonder what the number of people deciding to do the same is.

That would be an interesting addition to the "By the numbers: A look back on President Lovell's first year" list.

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